Feb 062008
Unsolicited Review - Bread Knife

I know. Completely non-electronic. Not even electric. But, hey, it instantly doubles the amount of articles on this blog. And I was quite surprised finding such a good bread knife in a country where bread is more pre-sliced toast than bread. You can find good bread in Japan and it’s the reason we bought this one. No point in trying to cut pre-sliced toast…

Here is a full picture of it:

The Bready Bread Knife

So why do I write about a bread knife? Because I have never found a better one. It’s smooth, cutting through bread of any type, it’s non-sticky and goes back to its shiny state by simple wiping with a cloth, and it’s long enough for non-standard size bread. It’s pretty perfect.

If you would like to know the brand name I will have to disappoint you: I do not know. We did not keep the packaging. We bought it at our local super market, which won’t help anyone unless you live near our house.

Update: The company’s name is KAI: http://www.kai-group.com/